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Driving Clean and Gaining Greens

AB349, a bill which shut the “classic car loophole,” prior to the bill a loophole existed which permitted an increasing number of older, dirtier vehicles to avert polluted air inspections.

Nevada Adds Over 7,500 Jobs in June

During the month of June, Nevada added roughly 7,600 jobs with most jobs being added to the education, health, professional, and business industries.

Nevada Faces Growing Water Crisis

Seven states, including Nevada, that rely on the Colorado River have been instructed by the federal government to cut back as much as two to four million acre-feet of water usage or face federal penalties in the face of the ongoing drought affecting the American west.

Pumping Up the Gas Expenses

President Joe Biden advocated in June for a three-month suspension of the federal 18.3 cent per gallon gasoline tax in the hopes that the other states would do the same by suspending their respective fuel taxes.

Future of Abortion Rights in Nevada

With the Supreme Court conservative majority ruling 6-3 in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, and 5-4 to overturn Roe, the landscape of abortion rights in the United States has drastically shifted with some states having expansive protections while others already implemented severe restrictions.